Thursday, February 27, 2020

5 Mistakes to Avoid When Planning Your Family Vacation

Thinking of planning your family vacation soon? Then, you’ll want to avoid these common mistakes:

5 Mistakes to Avoid When Planning Your Family Vacation

Selecting the Wrong Destination
If you want a wonderful family vacation, you need to make sure you choose a destination that can accommodate everyone –yes, everyone. So, while you and your husband or wife might have your eyes on someplace remote and exotic, it might not be suitable for your kids. Consider a destination that is centrally-located to plenty of activities, excursions, and the airport.

Booking Basic Economy
Basic economy doesn’t guarantee you a seat, which isn’t the best option when traveling with little ones. You’ll also want to be wary of those “low prices,” which oftentimes can cost you more than regular cabin seating when you factor in baggage costs, seat selection, meals, cancellation fees, and more. We recommend avoiding this option if you can help it.

Choosing the Wrong Resort
While some resorts might seem appealing to your family, we recommend you work with someone in the industry to match your family’s preferences. For example, while some resorts classify themselves as “multigenerational,” the kid’s program or clubhouse could be very outdated –leaving the poor kiddos bored to tears and running the risk of ruining your vacation. Now, no one wants that!

Staying in the Wrong Room Category
While you might think a junior suite will suit your family just fine (after all, the price is great!), we’d hate for you to be disappointed if you get there and it’s more crowded than you thought. It’s smart to work with a travel agent on this so they can recommend an option that’s best for your family.

Not Using a Travel Agent
Lastly, it’s never a good idea to book your family vacation online. As certified travel specialists, we have years of combined experience in the industry and can match you with the perfect vacation in your budget by just asking you a few questions! Additionally, when you book a vacation on your own, you’ll miss out on valuable insight a travel pro would offer. Save the time and hassle by working with a pro! 😊

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Thursday, February 20, 2020

6 Things to Share with Your Travel Agent Before You Book the Trip

Planning a trip? Read this first.

6 Things to Share with Your Travel Agent Before You Book the Trip

Your Budget
Your budget is a crucial piece in your vacation planning, so do be sure you determine that before you book anything. Don’t forget to factor in things like flights, transportation, accommodations, food, tipping, spending money, travel documents, etc.

Who Will Be Involved?
Your travel agent will want to know who you’re planning the trip for –is it just for you and your husband or wife? Is it for the entire family? A destination wedding group or corporate event? This info will help the TA determine the appropriate course of action.

Intended Timeline
What are your ideal travel dates? Do you have an expected timeframe to get all your accommodations and flights booked? These dates are important to know ahead so your travel specialist can plan accordingly.

Occasion or Experience
This one is very important! Be sure to let your travel agent know the reason for travel. Are you planning a destination wedding? A honeymoon? A retirement bash or bachelorette party? We have access to some of the most incredible packages that tailor to your special occasions –so don’t leave this detail out!

Your Musts
Once some of the big stuff is covered, you’ll want to let your travel specialist know exactly what it is you want to get out of the experience –your musts. Always wanted to swim with dolphins? Then, let’s make it happen! Heard a lagoon in your destination of choice was worth checking out? Done. We have connections with countless resort staff and tour companies to hook you up!

Must Nots
Alternatively, you’ll want to provide your TA with anything that is definitely a deal breaker. For example, maybe you need direct flights, or your resort needs a water slide or it needs to be adult only –the experts can customize your trip entirely, so just be sure to let them know what you want and definitely don’t.

Now that you’ve determined the items above, it’s time to chat with a travel expert. Just click here to get started!

Friday, February 14, 2020

Why DIY Travel Can Cost You Thousands

Did you know that by NOT booking with a travel agent, you’re ultimately paying for a service you never received? Keep reading to find out why!

Why DIY Travel Can Cost You Thousands

Booking Online = More Money
You might think hours of research will help you find the best deals, but ultimately, you’ll pay more by booking online. This is because online booking engines don’t have access to special pricing that a travel specialist does. In fact, agents receive exclusive offers and pricing that booking engines aren’t sharing online.  

Too Many Options

Your research only goes so far. A travel specialist has years of combined experience in the travel industry and can match you with the perfect vacation in your budget by just asking you a few questions! And oftentimes, travel consultants visit resorts throughout the year so they can share their experiences with you –way better than trying to sift through the best deals on your own!

No Personal Connections

When you book a vacation on your own, you’ll miss out on valuable insight a travel pro would offer. They’ve spent years building a strong rapport with resort staff, touring companies, transportation companies, etc. so that everything is tried and true before you travel AND so that you’re getting the best deals possible.  It’s never a good thing to book something blindly, so trust the pros who eat, sleep, and breathe travel!

The “Forgotten” Costs

A travel agent will work every little detail of your trip around a budget so there are no surprises along the way. Most DIY travelers forget to factor in things like gratuities, transfers, service fees, etc. These things add up and can send you WAY over your budget –so let the pros work it all out FOR you.

Of course, there’s NO SERVICE FEES to work with us, so be sure to consider using a travel specialist the next time you want to book a vacation! Questions? Message us here to get started.

Friday, February 7, 2020

7 All-Inclusive Resorts That Provide the Best Value

For the best value vacations in Mexico and the Caribbean, look no further than these amazing properties!

7 All-Inclusive Resorts That Provide the Best Value

El Dorado Royale
This beachfront paradise is known for its 5-star Gourmet Inclusion –where adults will have the opportunity to indulge in world-renowned cuisine, luxurious accommodations, and picturesque views! The best part? It’s all included.

Hard Rock Riviera Maya
Named one of the best family-friendly resorts out there, at Hard Rock Hotel Riviera Maya, you’ll enjoy everything from its Rock Spa and Rock Star suites, to lively entertainment, incredible food, and fun activities for the whole family. A great value, indeed!

Royalton Riviera Cancun
This family resort is designed to accommodate guests of all ages and is comprised of three sections: the lively general resort area, the exclusive Dimond Club area –and Hideaway, an elegant adults-only oasis. A great option for the budget-conscious and discerning traveler!

Hilton La Romana
Enjoy spectacular beaches and sunshine at this noteworthy property! This newly renovated retreat is the ideal destination for families with a brand-new waterpark, family-sized guest rooms, and included amenities what will have you amazed! So much fun packed into one!

Royalton Negril
Enjoy “all-in” luxury at this fabulous Jamaica property! Take advantage of personalized service, fabulous dining options, and activities that will keep you busy for days. This resort also features a separate section for the adults, as well as a general area for any age!

Moon Palace Jamaica
The generous resort credits to the spa, exciting tours and excursions, golf outings, and its laid-back style, make this Jamaica property a family-favorite. Be sure to ask us how your kids can stay free!  Ya, mon!

Secrets Puerto Los Cabos
Your adult guests can enjoy signature hospitality and Unlimited-Luxury at Secrets Puerto Los Cabos! Set along the Pacific coast within an exclusive community in Puerto Los Cabos, this property is a great escape for golf and spa lovers!

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